Rights Respecting Photos

At Wessington Primary School we take children’s rights very seriously, that is why we are working with UNICEF to become a Rights Respecting School and help our children become global citizens.

Rights Respecting Silver Award

A couple of weeks ago we were awarded the Unicef Rights Respecting Silver Award, today our banner arrived and our rights respecting team were delighted to pose for a photo with it.

The team, led by Mrs Theaker, have put a lot of work into getting us up to speed and making sure children’s rights are lived in our school. Well Done Guys!

Rights Respecting School - Silver Award


Sports Relief 2018

The whole school helped raise approximately £150 for Sports Relief to continue their fantastic work by coming in dressed in sports clothes. We also took part in sports based activities all day

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Year 6 Rights Respecting Discussion

In Year 6 this week, as part of their rights respecting work, they discussed which rights were being taken away in those countries that had been devastated by earthquakes and the things they could do to help the people get back these rights.

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Food bank

For our harvest festival the past 2 years we have worked closely with the Washington food bank and the whole school community came together to donate for people in need. We managed to collect lots of food and raise awareness of how we can help in our wider community. Andrew, who helps to run the food bank also came into school and delivered an assembly.

Rights Respecting School - Food Bank


Operation Christmas Child

Every year Wessington gets involved in Operation Christmas Child’s shoe box appeal. We had an assembly to show what things we could donate to the boys and girls and we managed to send off many shoe boxes for the children that need them the most.

Rights Respecting School - Operation Christmas Child


Children In Need

Once again the children have taken part in children in need, donating their £1 to come to school in non-uniform and buying biscuits to raise money for children in need across the world. The children came to school in amazing costumes and took part in children in need activities throughout the day. They were visited by Pudsey Bear at the end of the day who was amazed by their generosity and thoughtfulness.

Rights Respecting School - Children in Need


WE Schools Day

We had a visit from Rob from WE schools. He came into work with us and show us how to become global citizens and help those who need it. He discussed children’s rights and made the children at Wessington aware that some children around the world do not get their rights and we need to help them. He worked with children from the rights team and school council and asked them to plan a fundraiser in order to help other children. He taught the children about the 5 pillars of impact, education, water, health, food and opportunity. He asked them to think about which pillar they would like to raise money for and the children took part in some great games to think about which pillar was the most important. The children have decided to plan a talent show in order to raise money for education and this will be planned in the summer term by the new mighty rights team!

Rights Respecting School - WE Schools Day