Nursery and Reception

Autumn – Winter 2021

Nursery and reception children have enjoyed exploring all of Forest School this term.

They have shown what strengths, skills, physical abilities, musical talents, interests and knowledge they have about the natural environment.

We have enjoyed eating and tasting the pears off our pear trees in the orchard. The children said they were so tasty and juicy.

So far, we have learnt a lot already in forest school.

We have been learning about the berries on the Rowan, White beam and Blackthorn trees. The dangers of the thorns on the Blackthorn and Hawthorn trees and where they are in forest school. Showing the children where the nettles are and not to touch them as the can itch your hands.

We have found a lot of fungi growing in different places and talked about not touching them and to just look, unless an adult knows what they are.

We have discovered lots of mini beasts and used the magnifying glasses to look more closely at them.

As it is autumn the children have been learning different things that happen in autumn. Looking at and learning about Oak trees and the acorns that grow on them, squirrels who collect them, leaf rubbings off the oak tree leaves. Looking at Horse chestnut trees, the sticky buds they have and the conkers that grow on them. The children have been using a tool called a gimlet to create holes in the conkers to attach string to them.

We also helped tidy up the allotment to get ready to plant our winter vegetables and watched the grass cutters help too.

We have also been discovering and learning about different mini beasts under the logs, making seesaws, experiencing playing in the rain and enjoyed making dens.

We can’t wait to explore next half term learning more about autumn, then winter and discovering more new things.

Five Little Acorns

Conker Rhyme