Year 6

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2017 – 18

Beamish Trip

We all had an amazing time at Beamish – the weather was beautiful and we learnt a lot about differences in people’s lives from the past. Most of us ended a fabulous day cooling down with an ice-cream!

Year 5 Beamish Trip




Year 5 amazed us with their fantastic programming. We used a mixture of movement, text and sound to tell us an entertaining story.

Year 5 ICT - Programming



Earth and Space Creative Homework

We have worked just as hard at home as we have at school on our earth and space topic and here you’ll see some of our marvelous creations:

Year 5 Creative Homework - Space


Science – Earth and Space

We have been studying Earth and Space in science.

As part of our topic we have; imagined ourselves as Mars Rover buggies and used our ICT/Maths programming skills to give instructions, used fruit to replicate our solar system and position them as accurately as possible on the yard.

Year 5 Science Earth and Space


Royal Wedding Tea Party

We, along with the rest of the school took to the field in our red, white and blue clothing to take part in a whole host of activities including: a wedding photo booth, wedding dancing and crafts activities.

Year 5 Royal Wedding Tea Party


Maths – Fractions

In Year 5 we are always hard at work studying maths. We are able to use different resources such as counters to help us with our understanding and, in this case, used them to help us understand equivalent fractions.

Year 5 Fractions


PDSA Workshop

We had a visit from the PDSA who entertained us with stories of hero animals. We learn about the special Dickin award which is awarded to animals who have acted bravely. Pigeons, horses, dogs and even a cat have all been presented with this special award.

Year 5 PDSA


Fitblast Session

As part of Sport Relief day in school we took part in a high intensity exercise session known as Fitblast.

Year 5 Fitblast



We have been learning about the properties of different materials and conducted an experiment into dissolving and creating a solution. We used a variety of different materials including sand, flour and salt. We made predictions, ensured our investigation was a fair test and recorded our results. Finally we reviewed what happened and thought about how to extend the investigation further.

Year 5 Science: Materials



A group of year 5s made some delicious biscuits. They practised many skills including measuring ingredients and discussing ratio in order to adjust the recipe. Mrs Dobson reported the group worked brilliantly well as a team and baked some tasty treats!

Year 5 Biscuits



A group of year 5 pupils took part in the Bikeability programme led by Sunderland Council. The pupils worked hard at understanding road safety and riding their bikes on the public road in a safe and responsible manner. They can now discuss road junctions and give way lines amongst other things. They learnt a great deal and impressed us with their knowledge at the end. All of our pupils will be awarded with certificates and badges to congratulate them on their fantastic achievement.

Year 5 Bikeability


Forest School

Year 5 had an introduction to Forest School and had a wonderful time exploring our fantastic outdoor environment. We will be visiting Forest School on a weekly basis this spring term. To start with we explored the area by creating a circle made from twigs and branches. Each person had a segment of the circle. We then had a challenge to find as many natural objects as possible and place them in that segment. We were impressed with everyone’s efforts and had an interesting discussion.

Year 5 Forest School


Snow Day

We were lucky enough to spend some time having fun in the snow. There was a snowman building competition, snow angels and races to see who could run the quickest. Some of the children discovered amazing icicles hanging from the reading cabin. We all enjoyed being outdoors and exploring the snowy environment around us.

Year 5 Snow Day


Safer Internet Day

Year 5 had a visit from Beth from Big-Foot Arts Education to help us learn more about using the internet safely. We used role-play, games and discussion to explore scenarios that we might encounter when using the internet.

Year 5 Safer Internet Day


Year 5 Careers Week

We had a visit from a BBC engineer called Angela. Show taught us all about communications and how we are able to listen to the radio and watch the television. She asked us to design out own machines that would help to make someone’s life easier, we had fun designing then explaining our inventions.

Year 5 Careers Week


Year 5 Creative Homework

Year 5 have worked so hard on their creative homework. One of our topics was Land of the Free and we produced fact files, models and art work. Some of us brought American coins in an created our own booklets. We had a show and tell session where we celebrated each other’s success.

Year 5 Creative Homework


Reading Plus in Year 5

We love to read in Year 5, especially when we use Reading Plus. We use Reading Plus every day and we think it’s great! We read at home and make sure we write our own summaries of what we’ve read before counting up to see if we can be awarded a certificate or even buy a book!

Year 5 Reading Plus


Year 5 Class Assembly

Check out the photos from the amazing Year 5’s “Land of the Free” assembly last week; which featured some amazing facts, an epic lightsabre battle and an appearence from the President himself!

Year 5 'Land Of The Free' Assembly


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