Year 3

Scroll down to see some of the amazing things we’ve been up to in and out of class as well as homework and topic content.



Trip To Cragside House

As part of our cracking ideas topic we visited Cragside House to see some of the wonderful ideas Lord Armstrong had! We looked at some of the experiments he conducted that helped him become a Hydroelectric pioneer as well as looking around his rather fancy house then we finished the day by conquering the tracks and hills to play in the park.

Year 2 Cragside House Trip


World Cup Penalty Shoot Out

The whole school celebrated the World Cup by having a penalty shoot out and competing against other classes… You may recognise our goal keeper (former Sunderland AFC player Julio Arca!)

Year 2 World Cup Penalty Shoot Out


Post SATs Treat

To say thank you for our hard work during this years SATs, we got to go bowling, it was great fun!!

Year 2 End of SATs Treat


Trip to Washington Wetlands Centre

We went on a trip to the Washington Wetlands Centre to see if we could spot any signs that Spring had sprung, as you can see from the photos, the weather wasnt the best, but we still had a fun day exploring the centre.

Year 2 Trip to WWT


Active Learning

In class we have tried ‘each one teach one’, an active learning activity where we have to teach another of our classmates about the character on the card we’d been given.

Year 2 Active Learning


Collecting Data

We walked to The Galleries shopping centre where we used talley charts to collect data on the businesses in The Galleries

Year 2 Collecting Data



In Maths we have been looking at lines of symmetry in 2D shapes.

Year 2 Maths


Planting Trees in Forest School

In science we have looked at plants and how they grow, so we worked together to plant different trees in our forest school.

Year 2 Planting Trees in Forest School


Class Assembly – Amazing Places and Spaces

We amazed the whole school and their families with our Amazing Places and Spaces class assembly which lived up to its billing of being a truly spectacular show!

It was wonderful to see the children and families faces as they gave and received daffodils and everyone loved St George and his noble steed.

Year 2 Class Assembly


Careers Week

In year 2 we had a visit from a lady who worked for the BBC, who’s job it was to make sure their satellites were lined up correctly. We had a go at bouncing our own signals using slinkies so we could visualise the signal.

Year 2 Careers Week


Safer Internet Day

Year 5 had a visit from Beth from Big-Foot Arts Education to help us learn more about using the internet safely. We used role-play, games and discussion to explore scenarios that we might encounter when using the internet.

Year 2 Internet Safety Day


Trip to Seaham

Before Christmas we went on a class trip to Seaham, we looked at the Tommy statue along with the poppy displays and made our own pieces of art using these as inspiration. We may even have payed Likety Split a visit, for a rather tasty ice cream, but don’t tell anyone.

Year 2 Trip to Seaham


Lift the Teacher

One of our topics over the last term was ‘lift the teacher’ and other miraculous mechanisms. We used logs and other heavy items in forest school to try and balance our scales, as well as smaller items such as twigs. In class we used scales and made our own using rulers and blocks.

Year 2 Lift the Teacher


Making Axles and D.T

In D.T we have looked at axles and how they make things move, we made our very own cars and had a look at some go-karts to figure out how the axles work in real life.

As a bit of a treat we also made rice crispie cakes as part of D.T, using our team work skills to make sure we followed the recipe.

Year 2 DT


Examples of Work

Here’s some examples of the amazing work we have done in class.

Year 2 Examples of Work


Show and Tell

Year 2 have done some wonderful work both in and out of class, so much so that we thought it would be a great idea to share it with our families in a show and tell session.

Year 2 Show and Tell


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