Year 4

Scroll down to see some of the amazing things we’ve been up to in and out of class as well as homework and topic content.


In year 4 the children have begun bringing in some fantastic homework linked with their topic of digestion. Kenzie has made his own fantastic model of the digestive system.

Year 4 Digestion Homework



This week in PSHCE the children in year 4 have been looking being different, they shared their differences in the class and talked about what makes them unique. They then wrote on white boards “what was different about their partner.” They shared some lovely differences about each other and recognised that although they are all different they are all equal.

Year 4 PSHCE


Year 4 Tennis Skills

In P.E we have been looking at tennis and fine tuning our backhands, serves, drop shots, forehands and smashes. We worked with Miss Marshall to help us control the ball and practiced our skills outside on the court.

Year 4 Tennis Skills


More Science

In year 4 we have been looking at the digestive system. We investigated the effects of surface area on the speed of digestion. Firstly the children decided what their independent and dependent variables would be through a discussion in their groups. They then decided how they would carry out their investigation. To do this the children decided to cut up jelly babies into different sizes and timed how long it took the piece to dissolve. They then recorded their results and used excel to create a line graph of their data. The children worked safely in teams to carry out their experiment and identified the risks within the experiment. They are now thinking about their results ready to produce some amazing conclusions.

Year 4 More Science


World Book Day

We loved having fun dressing up to celebrate World Book Day – don’t worry though, as you can see, we still got our work done.

Year 4 World Book Day


More Maths

This half term, in maths, we have been working on multiplying 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers, to start with we used Cuisenaire Rods to help us.

Year 4 More Maths



Brazilian Soccer Skills

We took part in a Brazilian soccer skills session with Mark, who showed us and let us try different ways to move the ball with a partner using a heavier football specially designed for tricks and flicks.

Year 4 Brazilian Soccer Skills



In English we were working on a newspaper report, here you see us writing up our neat copies for the “Wessy Observer”

Year 4 English



In year 4 we have been learning how to do a range of different balances with a partner.

Year 4 Gymnastics



In year 4 we investigated a micro-habitat at different parts of the day. We collected out data through observation and then used science to explain the patterns and trends we found in our data. From this we were able to write some amazing conclusions using science to help us explain why there were more animals on the afternoon, compared with the morning.

Year 4 Science


Year 4 Tennis

Year 4 have been practising their tennis skills, they have been learning how to control the ball using their tennis racket and aim through hoops. Some children were challenged to see how long they could keep a rally going for.

Year 4 Tennis


Class Assembly:

See the photos from earlier this week when the year 4 superstars entertained the school and their families with their wonderful class assembly:

Year 4 Class Assembly


Internet Safety Day, Ukulele and Careers Week:

Year 4 enjoyed taking part in a safety workshop as part of internet safety day, then they came up with their own improvisations looking at how to stay safe online.

They have also enjoyed their weekly ukulele lessons, working on chords from C to G and playing along to songs with Mr Kyle

Finally, as part of careers week Year 4 had a visit from Judith, a business advisor who gave the class advice on what skills and the attitude they would need to set up their own buisness

Year 4 Internet Safety Workshop, Ukulele and Careers Week Visitor



We have been working on partitioning 4 digit numbers into thousands, hundreds, tens and units using counters to help us

Year 4 Maths



Year 4 Forest School

Year 4 (including Miss Marshall) enjoying their time in forest school

Year 4 Forest School


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Land of Hope and Glory

Year 4 Homework – Land of Hope and Glory