Year 4

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2018 – 19

Trip to the Laing Art Gallery

In our first class trip as year 4 we visited the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle, on the morning we explored the galleries and had a go at sketching some of the amazing art displayed there. Then after dinner we took part in a watercolor painting workshop with joy and explored the Enchanted Garden exhibition, looking for specific items in the paintings as well as looking for inspiration for our own art.

Year 4 - Laing Art Gallery Trip


2017 – 18

Jewel in the Jar Treat

When we filled our jar full of jewels for good behaviour in class we chose to have the afternoon in forest school. We played with nursery children, built dens, dug holes and had fun in the mud kitchen.

Year 3 Treat - Forest School


Art – Cubism using oil pastels 

In year 3 we have been looking at cubism and created our own pieces of art using oil pastels for thier vivid colours.

Year 3 Art - Cubism


World Cup Penalty Shoot Out

The whole school celebrated the World Cup by having a penalty shoot out and competing against other classes… You may recognise our goal keeper (former Sunderland AFC player Julio Arca!)

Year 3 World Cup Penalties


Eurovison -End of Term Party

To mark the end of our Eurovision topic, the children cooked some famous European dishes and we had a Eurovision party!

Year 3 Eurovision



In Maths we have been exploring vertical and horizontal lines.  To deepen our understanding, we looked at work of Piet Mondrian and replicated his designs, only using horizontal and vertical lines.

Year 3 Maths - Vertical and Horizontal Lines


DT – Cross-stitch and Makey Makey Kits

In Year 3 we have been practicing our cross-stitch skills.

Also, as part of our topic, we have been experimenting with Makey Makey kits.  The children have sorted materials into conductors and insulators. Once we explored different circuits, we expanded this in order to control various computer games.  I was so impressed at the children’s imagination! Some groups created their very own dance mats which actually worked!!!

Year 3 DT - Cross-stitch and Makey Makey


Royal Wedding Tea Party

We, along with the rest of the school took to the field in our red, white and blue clothing to take part in a whole host of activities including: a wedding photo booth, wedding dancing and crafts activities.

Year 3 Royal Wedding Tea Party


DT – European Landmarks

As part of our Eurovision project we used a lot of different resources to create European landmarks, things got a little messy, but we made some wonderful creations.

Year 3 DT - European Landmarks


English – Recycling Project

Throughout the school, we have had a big push on recycling and have been learning about the impact plastic has on our planet.  In year 3, we have been highlighting features of persuasive letters and writing to local supermarkets, to try and persuade them to reduce the amount of plastic used in their shops.

Year 3 Recycling Project



As part of our Eurovision topic we used atlases to find European capital cities as well as playing a game of  landmark snap.

Year 3 Geography - European Capital Cities



In science, we have been learning about light and how shadows are formed.  We created an experiment to test out a variety of different materials to find which would work best in a child’s bedroom.  Furthermore, we have been discovering how shadows change during the day and drew round shadows at different points in the day. Finally, we have been exploring sun safety!! We have been investigating both the benefits of the sun, as well as the dangers and how to protect ourselves.

Year 3 Science - The Sun


DT and Science – Healthy Eating

As part of our Science, we explored food groups and healthy eating in a Quorn workshop.

They children took part in taste testing, food group quizzes and even had a go and cooking some tasty, healthy food!

Year 3 Healthy Eating



As part of our Eurovision topic, we have observed art by Picasso. Using oil pastels and practicing blending techniques, we have tried to mirror his style! I’m sure you’ll agree, the pictures are pretty phenomenal!

Year 3 Art


Maths Fractions

Year 3 Maths Fractions



In our ukulele lessons with Mr Kyle we have been looking at the chords C – G and playing along to some of our favorite songs.

Year 3 Ukulele


More Maths

We have been exploring measurements this week. In pairs, we rolled eggs across the hall, measured and compared our findings. We then measured each other’s height and calculated the difference.

Year 3 More Maths


More Science

In science we have been learning about the functions of flowers. In pairs, we played ‘beetle’ using flower parts (explaining each function before adding it to the flower) and acted out the pollination process.

Year 3 More Science


Sport Relief

We, along with the rest of the school, took part in a Fitblast session to help celebrate Sport Relief

Year 3 Fitblast


Trip To Hamsterly Forest

While at Hamsterly Forest we explored parts of flowers, animal habitats and we also identified trees by looking at their leaves.

Year 3 Trip to Hamsterly Forest




In science, as part of our topic Humans and Animals, we have explored the 5 food groups and the functions of each one. We also used the app Virtual – Tee to look at the digestive system and how it works to break down the fibres, vitamins and minerals in our food.

Year 3 Health Eating


More Homework

Year 3 have done more wonderful homework, embracing our topic of skeletons and healthy eating and have been stretching their learning even further at home. Find the homework grid for the science unit of this topic here.

Year 3 More Homework


Talk for Writing

As part of our work looking at skeletons, we produced a story map to help us remember some key facts and then had fun acting it out, with one of the amazing pupils leading the lesson.

Year 3 Talk for Writing



In maths we have been working on multiplying using the grid method, to help us with this we tried partitioning numbers into 100’s, 10’s and units.

Year 3 Maths



Following on from Dr Bowron’s visit during careers week, this week we have been using the iPads to label parts of out skeletons and discussing what functions our bones have. We have also been looking at skeletons and joints, here’s some examples of our wonderful work.

Year 3 Science



In English we have been building on our dictionary skills by correcting spellings in our work and finding definitions of words we have been using.

Year 3 English


Trip to The Great North Hancock Museum

Year 3 had a fantastic day at the Great North Hancock Museum. We had a wonderful session all about skeletons and were able to hold animal bones and fossils.

After that we played a game where we had to name the bones and see who could put the skeleton together the quickest.

Finally we explored the exhibitions and had a shopping spree in the gift shop.

Year 3 Trip to The Great North Museum


Careers Week

This week has been careers week and Year 3 have been using the internet to research jobs in the health care service. Each group works together to collate what they found out about various professions and presented their findings to the class.

We were really lucky to have visits from Dr Bowron and personal trainer Jamie. Jamie showed us some key exercises to help keep us fit.

Dr Bowron will be working with Year 3 this term to teach us about muscles and how to keep ourselves healthy.

Year 3 Careers Week


Art and DT

In our topic ‘Language’ we have been learning about how the Romans enjoyed going to the theatre. Children designed and developed their ideas for their own masks. Finally we brought our masks to life using papier-mâché to sculpt the features of the face.

Year 3 - Art and DT


Computing and Internet Safety Day

We have been refining our algorithm skills and programming our Beebots to travel from Norway to Britain (much like the Vikings). This was a great opportunity to debug, explain and modify our instructions.

For Safer Internet Day, we had a guest from Big Foot Arts Centre join us to talk about how to use the internet safely. The children really enjoyed this session and worked in groups to create adverts to show others how to use the internet safely too.

Year 3 Computing



Year 3 have really excelled this term in extending their learning at home and we’re really proud of the work we’ve completed, here’s some examples of our handiwork.

Year 3 Homework



In PE we have been doing some gymnastics. We really enjoyed working on individual and group balances as well as really thinking about how we can use our bodies to move in different ways.

Year 3 PE


Forest School

Year 3 have loved Forest School this year!!

We have been learning about layers of soil and created science models to explain what lies under our feet. This gave the children a wonderful opportunity to get really muddy, digging in the earth to find clay.
To link with our history topic, we created models and pots with clay, much like our ancestors would’ve done during the Bronze Age.
In history, we have been learning about how buildings have evolved over time. We practiced creating a wattle wall for our bird hide, by weaving willow. This is how early humans built their houses from the Neolithic period. Some children even tried to cover the wattle in their own daub mixture (although they did not add the traditional dung ingredient!)

Year 3 Forest School


Snow Day

Snow day was truly a magical day at Wessington. I am sure you will agree, it inspired some terrific writing in Year 3 too! (Please see the drop down option in the top left just above the photos to view the others).

Year 3 Snow Day


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