Nursery in Forest School

Birds in Forest School

In Forest School the children in Nursery and Reception have been learning about different types of birds: what they eat and look like. They have been looking at how they make their nests and the different types of food that they eat. Every day the children check to see if they need more food and fresh water. Some children have learnt the names of some of the birds they have seen.

Birds In Forest School


Tree Dressing

The children in Nursery and Reception have been doing ‘Tree Dressing’ in Forest School placing colourful ribbons around the branches of the trees. This is based on many old customs from all over the world at different times of the year.

It to celebrate our love of trees and how significant they are in our world and how they benefit us all.

The act of dressing the tree celebrates the unique role that trees have in our local neighbourhood. Saying ‘Thank you to the trees where we live’.

Tree Dressing in Forest School


Tree Challenge

In Forest School the children in Nursery the children were trying to get the tree to the top of the tree hill then roll it down. What a challenge.

Tree Challenge in Forest School



In Forest School the children in Nursery have been wattling. Making a fence out of willow. Using a wooden mallet to hammer the thick willow in the ground and then weaving the long willow in and out to create the fence. The children were measuring the willow to see if it was the right length for the fence.

Wattling in Forest School