Headteacher’s Welcome

Thank you for visiting Wessington Primary School’s Website. I hope you enjoy browsing and finding out what our school is all about.

We are incredibly proud of our children and our school.

At Wessington we have experienced staff trained to a high level. As well as gaining language, mathematical, scientific and technological skills we aim to build children’s confidence, develop their self-reliance, help them to learn how to make decisions and develop their ability to articulate feelings and ideas. We also attach great importance to the development of children’s social skills and seek to enable them to build relationships with other children and adults and be sensitive to the feelings and needs of others.

We have provision for children aged 2 – 11 years old in the following ways:

Child Care: Children aged 2 – 3
Foundation Stage: children aged 3 – 5 Nursery/Reception
Key Stage 1: children aged 5 – 7 Year 1/Year 2
Key Stage 2: children aged 7 – 11 Year 3/Year 4/Year 5/Year 6

Our Aims

Here at Wessington Primary and Daycare we aim to be a safe and happy place where all can learn, develop confidence in their own ability, be valued as individuals, meet challenges, work collaboratively, show tolerance and be polite and caring towards others.

We aim to encourage each member of the school community to reach his or her full potential by promoting the highest possible standards of achievement in all areas.

We aim to provide a welcoming, cheerful and stimulating environment, in which all can learn, work and play. Where everyone is encouraged to develop a sense of personal, social and moral responsibility towards each other’s possessions and care for and respect the environment in which they work and live.

We aim to provide for all learners a broad and balanced curriculum, delivered through a variety of approaches in order to develop lively enquiring minds to prepare each one to meet the challenges of their future.

We aim to provide an open and inviting school, continually encouraging and developing strong links and working relationships between home, school, partner schools, children’s services and the local community.

We aim to ensure that everyone enjoys equality of esteem and equality of opportunity, regardless of ability, disability, race, religion, sex or social background.

Thank you for supporting our school please feel free to contact me if there is anything you wish to discuss.


Anna Young